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A little background on the lamb. A proud holder of a Bachelor of Journalism (TV) 

from Rhodes University, South Africa. A background that began in corporate

marketing; copywriting and production. An unexpected journey took the lamb far

and wide. Seeing the world over, the lamb saw the spectrum of natural beauty.

He saw people as they are and noticed similarities between them all. A relatable feeling.The lamb began to think of a way to capture everyday life and change it

into anything. Use the world as it is to portray what we want to see... and feel.

Mary's Lamb Productions offers your essential creative content faculties, from conception to camera operation to editing and sound mixing. Collaboration is welcome and believed by this lamb, to be elementary in portraying an amalgamation of ideas, perspectives and subjectivities in order to create the broadest scope of relatable content. 

Full equipment range from lights to an assortment of cameras and stabilizers, all edited on a variety of Adobe Suite applications. 


PHONE: +27 (0)82 692 0938   

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